Stonetowne Quilters Guild

Stonetowne Quilters Guild

Executive 2016-2018

  President: Phyllis Grover                             

  Vice president:Sharon Straus                         

   Past President: Janis Fread                                     

  Secretary: Betty Murray                                          

  Treasurer: Maggie Laprade                             

  Program: Bev Fox                                                     

                       Jinny MacDonald                                 

                        Sharon Straus                                     

  Archives:  Mary Lou Davis                                       

   Social Convener: Janice Hawkins                                                             

  Show and Tell / Nominating:

                                Nancy Packham                               

                              Debbie Morrison                             

  Charity: Sharon Straus                                      

                     Janis Fread                                                

  Library: Susan McKay                                       

                    Pauline White                                               

Newsletter: Kelley Richardson    







The executive is made up of volunteers from within our Guild. Each executive sits for 2 Guild seasons